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Summary0000002: Transfer of FRN password changes from the original to the alternative FRN system.
DescriptionIn official coordination with the system administrator of the original FRN system (Edwin, PA7FRN) I implemented the following data synchronization between the two FRN systems:
Every 3 hours (at 0, 3, 6, 9, 12 o'clock, etc.) a process runs in the Alternative FRN System which transfers new and changed FRN accounts from the database of the Original FRN System to the database of the Alternative FRN System. An update of already existing FRN accounts in the alternative FRN system does not take place once they have been used in the alternative FRN system in a concrete connection to a FRN server/room. This means that if the FRN password is subsequently changed in the original FRN system, it is no longer transferred to the alternative FRN system and the access data for the FRN account in question is no longer identical in both systems.

It would be desirable if, during the automatic synchronization of FRN accounts, subsequent changes to the FRN password were also transferred from the original FRN system to the alternative FRN system. The FRN user should be informed automatically by mail in the alternative FRN system in case of such an update of his FRN access data.
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2019-02-16 10:38

administrator   ~0000004

In processing:
Implemented and under test with Release 2019.02.16.0416


2019-02-16 15:04

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Implemented and successful tested with Release 2019.02.16.0416.

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